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Professional Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry Services

Ambulatory Detoxification
Co-Occurring Disorders
Observed Disulfiram
Relapse Prevention
Benzodiazepine Deprescribing
Harm Reduction
Pain and Addiction
Toxicology Monitoring
Complex Buprenorphine Induction
Medication-Assisted Treatment
12-Step Facillitation

Professional General Psychiatry Services

With a 

Complex Psychopharmacology
Medication Management
Second Opinions
Pharmacogenomic (Genetic) Testing
Therapeutic Impasse
Eating Disorders
Treatment-Resistant Depression

Forensic Services

I am a triple-board certified physician with clinical expertise in the diagnosis and management of co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders.  I have over a decade of experience assessing and treating physicians, dentist, nurses, lawyers, pilots, and other licensed and regulated professionals with substance use disorders, co-occurring mental health problems, and impairments.  This background enables me to provide expert opinions regarding licensed and regulated professionals with possible substance use disorders and/or mental health disorders. 

Aerospace/FAA Clearance
Medical Board Evaluations
Bar Overseers Evaluations
Independent Medical Exams
Nursing Board Evaluations
Dental Board Evaluations
Lawyer Assistance Programs
Professional Health Programs
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